Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Tea Party is Growing!

The Des Moines Tax Day Tea Party is building momentum! Our new website, www.desmoinesteaparty.com is constantly adding new features.

You can now print out flyers to distribute in your neighborhood and share your story of how our over-bearing government has effected you.

Check the site for constant updates - such as the news about Tuesday night's public hearing at the State Capitol Building on whether or not to raise taxes!

We hope that you will continue to support the Des Moines Tax Day Tea Party!


  1. The socialist juggernaut is moving fast, folks.

    Will you put some TEETH in the Des Mopines Tea Party, or will it just be another ‘venting rally’...then you all go home to watch the continuing unraveling of our constitutional Republic?

    As your fellow citizens, we request that you consider having one of your rally speakers publicly read the “Demand Letter to our Congressman and Senators” (see the AmericaAgain! project website). Have a sign-up table for citizens to organize a local Citizens’ Homeland Security Association (CHSA).

    A CHSA is like a Homeowners’ Association on steroids; the Covenants & Restrictions you’ll be enforcing against your two US senators and your US congressman are those in the U.S. Constitution, that have been violated for generations. We the People never had a tactical enforcement mechanism.

    Now we do.

    The AmericaAgain! project is lawful, peaceful, and practical. It requires We the People begin performing the duties of self-government.

    We tactically enforce the U.S. Constitution against our own members of Congress (at home in our own State Court, under State civil & criminal statutes.

    We begin to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution against criminals for the first time in history.

    Mike (host of the daily Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM) will introduce the AmericaAgain! project at the D.C. Tax Day Tea Party. David will be rolling out the project in his hometown, Boerne TX.

    This year, let’s tell them: New Deck, New Deal.

    Let’s Roll.

    Mike Church
    David M. Zuniga
    The AmericaAgain! project
    (www dot)america-again(dot)blogspot(dot)com

  2. Des Mopines? Yeah, that's the suburb of Des Moines where they mop up D.C. corruption! :)