Friday, March 20, 2009

Des Moines Tax Day Tea Party!

America is headed in the wrong direction. Piling debt on future generations. Marching towards socialism. Taxing everything that moves. Regulating every aspect of our lives.

Here is your chance to do something about it.

The Des Moines Tax Day Tea Party

April 15

10AM - 2 PM

State Capitol Building (West side of the building)

Across America, people will gather on Tax Day in protest of our government's destructive policies. There will be special guests to speak about our shared principles and we will show Washington and our elected officials that there is a vocal majority who opposes Big Government.

To help make the Tea Party a success, we need three things: volunteers, money and people to actually attend the Tea Party.

To donate to the Des Moines Tax Day Tea Party
, follow the link on the right side of the page. (Contributions are not tax deductible)

To volunteer, join our email list to get updates, or if you have any questions, email


  1. A lot of us on the East side feel the Capitol steps should be used as a good place to start. Lets get some Radio help. Steve Deace (sp?) maybe?

  2. I have e-mailed Steve awaiting his reply.

  3. Is there an organizing committee, to help get as much participation as possible? There are a lot of avenues we should pursue, but some coordination would be a good thing.

    You can reach me at my web site:

    Let's get some ground game going in the run-up to the event, if we're not already.

  4. Aaaah conservatives.....gotta love how you all seem to always co-opt our common history (The Boston Tea Party) for your ridiculous agendas thereby trying to justify your hideously limited vision through supposed "patriotism". Good luck convincing people that work; healthcare; and equality aren´t "the right direction".

  5. It's not the governments job to provide jobs and health care. That's just the road to socialism.

  6. I would love to attend, but I actually work during the weekdays! 10:00-2:00??? That is going to really hurt the turnout. Many of us who believe in the constitution actually have jobs during the day!!! I can't take off work or the liberals will have less of my tax money to live off of!